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Two melted days and nights of camping fun with live music by The King Khan & BBQ Show, Gibby Haynes (playing all Butthole Surfers w/ the kids from Paul Green Rock Academy), Schoolly D, The Tandoori Knights, The Brooklyn Bluebirds, Flasyd, Brower, Weird Paul, Gymshorts, Shit Horse, The Advertisers, Scott Yoder, The Televisionaries, Suo, Cumgirl8, Sledge Wolf + super psych visuals by BAM and all kinds of fun secret special guests. Last year's event sold out so hop on this quick! Ticket prices get higher over time.


1) What kind of accommodations are available on site? 


2) Does the spot got bathrooms and showers?


3) Is reentry allowed?

 4) What kind of accommodations are available off site? 

Here is a list of some nice local hotels:

The Pines
Kate's Lazy Meadow

The Emerson
Slide Mountain Motel



5) Can I bring in outside food and or alcohol? 

Yes and/or yes! There will be food vendors on site as well. Please do keep your outside alcohol to a minimum as we will be selling it and we need to make some money as we are not Coachellapaloozastocksquatch Fest.


6) How do I get there? 

The Adirondack Trailways bus to Phoenicia. Ask the driver to drop you at Uncle Pete’s Campground 2.2 miles before the Phoenicia drop off. If you miss it, you can call the front office at 845-688-5000. You can also organize a carpool on the Facebook Event page

7) Can i bring my 5 year old?

21+ Unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Anyone under the age of 21 caught drinking will be kicked out. Fair warning, there will most likely be NUDITY. 


8) Can I sell vintage clothing, records or healing crystals from Mt. Shasta? 

Yes, you can sell stuff by contacting


9) What should I bring?

Buddies, cash (nearest ATM is in town about 2 miles away), tent, swim gear, sunblock, sensible shoes, sunglasses, water containers, sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, flippy floppies, prophylactics, positive vibrations, funny costumes, camping chairs, inflatables, tiki torches, flashlights, frisbees, lighters, wiffle ball gear, coolers,  fanny packs, rain ponchos. Or bring nothing but positive vibrations and make some friends. We believe in you. 


10) What should I NOT bring?

DO NOT BRING any weapons, knives, or firearms of any kind,  fireworks, dogs that don't get along with people and other dogs (no exceptions), 

Pit Bull or Rottweiler dogs (Uncle Pete's insurance policy doesn't cover them), illegal drugs, gang or club insignias, negative vibrations, hate imagery (confederate flags, swastikas, etc). Basically don't bring anything illegal or hateful.


11) What about parking?

First come first serve, if you arrive early you will have the chance to set up camp next to your car. We will have staff to guide you to an otherwise suitable parking spot once car camping has hit the max. 


12) What happens if I step on a jellyfish?

There will be 24hr medical staff on site.


13) Will there be jellyfish?



14) Can I bring my jellyfish?

Just don't. I mean you can.. but.. Just please don't! Jellyfish belong in the ocean.


15) Where can I keep my valuables?

It is preferred that you keep your valuables in a locked car. If that is not an option, you can keep your valuables at the front office if need be.


16) Are there any other activities besides the live music? 

Swimming, hand holding, wiffle ball and whatever the HECK else you want to do.


17) Can I wear a funny costume? 

We already answered that but YES! Funny costumes are highly encouraged. 

18) Will there be internet or cell service?
Naw! The Funnabration is off the grid. That's one reason the people love it so. If you really need internet you can head into town and grab some from Brio's Restaurant (Wifi password: 123456789) + there are pay-phones at the front office. 

We're just gonna put this little 
Pet Sounds record right here 

because it just looks good on 

this page.


Thanks! Message sent.

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