Meltasia Presents Birdcloud July 4th at The Pines in Mt Tremper NY


4th of July BBQ, 3pm  

meltasia presents: birdcloud!!! 
ALL YOU CAN EAT + DRINK + FREE SPARKLERS, $20. Not for childreN!

The Pines
5327 Route 212
Mount Tremper, NY

BIRDCLOUD is Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green, a pair who met in a place called Murfreesboro and who, since 2009, have used things like booze and sacrilege to make very modern country music. The duo write songs about what Sarah Palin deemed “the real America,” that unsung republic of countrified interstices stretching from coast to coast between cities. Kaset and Green’s America is a nation of indulgent reprobates and boastful imbeciles, laughing maniacs and horny high school dropouts— the desperate, absurd place we all inhabit in one way or another.



Birdcloud, Sloppy Jane & Animal Show

July 6 at 8pm

Meltasia Presents: BIRDCLOUD, SLOPPY JANE & ANIMAL SHOW!! $10.

Union Pool
484 Union Avenue

The complicated sensation of listening to Birdcloud’s music—the simultaneous urge to laugh, vomit, and maybe break down and cry a little at how familiar and sad and true it all is—has won the band fans across the lower 48, stupefying and sickening audiences in equal measure. With Sloppy Jane & Animal Show.


Meltasia Presents

Kool Keith

Sat, Jul 29 2017, 8PM

Meltasia Presents: KOOL KEITH!!! 
Discount meltasia tickets will be available at the show. 18+

22 Rock City Road
Woodstock, NY 

KOOL KEITH – psychedelic Hip Hop legend – AKA Dr. Octagon AKA Dr. Dooom AKA Black Elvis AKA Dr. Ultra AKA Crazy Lou AKA Poppa Large. Kool Keith is an American Rapper from The Bronx, New York, known for his surreal, abstract and often profane or incomprehensible lyrics. Kool Keith has recorded prolifically both as a solo artist and in group collaborations. Kool Keith is generally considered to be one of hip-hop's most eccentric and unusual personalities.

THE NUDE PARTY congealed as one unit in the southern mountain town of Boone, NC in 2013 and gained their namesake very literally. Bonded by isolation, house party debauchery, a religion based on pushing the limits of bad taste, and a precocious predisposition towards the Kinks, the Animals and the Velvets, they have burgeoned into a rock and roll act to be reckoned with. As the hysteria at their local shows steadily increases, so does their reputation with local law enforcement, forcing them daily more to seek employment anywhere but home.

ANIMAL SHOW get off by terrorizing the streets of NYC with their degenerate noise. They are a punk band. They are forever stuck in the New York groove. Like if X-Ray Spex were a New York band who hungout with Warhol. A favorite of Andy Animal's.